Know your Totem Animal

Edizione Inglese per l’ebook CONOSCI IL TUO ANIMALE TOTEM

Discover your Guide Animal and turn it into a powerful ally

This book is an invitation to learn more about yourself through the encounter with the Totem Animal, a magical and ancestral entity that walks beside us, protects us, gives us its talents and guides us in the direction chosen by our soul.
Knowing the Animal of Power is a magical act that connects spiritual energy and true self.
In the book you will find the technique of the shamanic journey combined with Dermoriflexology to evoke the Animal Guide, the indications to consolidate the bond, the way to meet it in a dream and the symbolism of many archetypes.
The quality of life depends very much on the degree of knowledge we have of ourselves and of the phases we go through, and the Guide Animals are an invaluable aid.
Are you as careful as a fox or pure as a dove? Do you need the balance of the flamingo or the ant’s perseverance? Do you want to learn peacock self-esteem or clairvoyance from the lynx?
Give attention to your animal friends and you will get knowledge and power in return.